About Us

Danelle Kubala

     Danielle has admired horses for all of her life. She began taking lessons at the age of 9. At the age of 10, she got her first horse Sadie, and that was just the beginning. Sadie and Danielle have competed in obstacle courses, eventing, show jumping, and dressage. With her other horse Boo, she has competed in eventing and dressage taking home highpoint awards left and right. Just over a year ago Danielle and her mother rescued a young, skinny, malnourished horse, and named him Finn. Danielle has taught him everything from leading to riding. Finn has immense talent for the upper dressage movements, and a heart of gold. 

     A few years ago Danielle took a break from all the shows and became interested in the biomechanics of horse and rider. She has also been finding better ways to communicate with her horses without the use of force or fear.

     This past May, Danielle became a certified equine and canine sports massage therapist to help ease the discomfort so many horses have. 

     Now, Danielle loves to help the troubled horses find themselves again, by letting them express themselves and find relaxation and calmness in their work through massage and training.