Equine and Canine Massage Therapy

Each appointment lasts 1 to 1.5 hours, and there are no restrictions on riding afterwards in most cases. The horse will stand tied loosely in its stall for the massage.  You may let your horse eat some hay or feed during the massage if it will help calm them.  It is best to schedule appointments at a quiet time at the barn to promote the best experience.

Basic Grooming

Grooming improves the health of the skin and coat. It deters the formation of various health problems such as thrush or scratches, and it stimulates the skin to produce natural oils.  It is especially important during shedding season.


Includes curry, light brush, hoof pick, and (optional) mane and tail detangling

Fecal Egg Counts

Getting an egg count before you worm your horse is important to ensure your horse doesnt build up resistance! You will recieve the results within 24 hours to ensure a correct count.

Equine Training and Lessons

I specialize in typical basic riding, ground work, and ground manners using positive ethical horsemanship. I also work with specific problems such as loading, spookiness, lifting hooves, etc.

Lessons focus on positive, fun, and safe horsemanship. They can include basic riding (w/t/c, jumping, obstacles, etc.), gound work, and typical handling. 

Additional Grooming

This additional grooming can be used for show preparation or even just everyday care. 

Includes:Washing, mane/tail conditioning, whitening, trimming, etc.

Other Services

We are available for other jobs around the barn (tack cleaning, administering medicine, trailering, etc...).   Call or text for more info.